What is Curios?

Digital Fiction Curios is a unique digital archive designed in the style of an old ‘curiosity shop’. It houses three early works of electronic literature created nearly two decades ago by artists Andy Campbell and Judi Alston of Dreaming Methods.

How does it preserve Flash works?

Curios breathes new life into these original Flash works by rendering them in Virtual Reality. Graphics, sound and interactivity are all preserved. Curios also offers a glimpse of how these stories might look and feel if they had been created using the immersive technologies of today.

Who is behind this project?

Curios is being developed by One to One Development Trust‘s in-house digital storytelling studio Dreaming Methods. We’re working with Professor Alice Bell from Sheffield Hallam University. The project has been funded through the University’s Creating Knowledge Impact Acceleration Account. The music is by Chris Joseph.

When is it launched?

The first version of Curios will be launched at The Art House, Wakefield Art Walk on 29th May 2019. Future events: Electronic Literature Organisation Conference 2019 in Cork in July. New Media Writing Prize, Bournemouth University, January 2020. Follow #CuriosDigitalFiction for updates. A downloadable version will be available for PC/VR later in the year.

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